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The healing art of massage therapy

For thousand of years, the benefits of water minerals, oils and herbs have been recognixed as a vital part of our overall health and well-being. Cultures from around the world have havested these essentails, combining the secrets of the earth and the sea with energy of touch. We would like to help create the relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating day that will suit all your needs.

Let the experienced, licensed therapists at Top & Toe massage, full body massage therapy help you release chronic muscular tension and pain, reduce stress and physical fatigue, improve your posture, and help reduce your blood pressure.

Benefit of Massage

Massage therapy has positive affects to the health and well being of the client, Numerous physical and mental health benefits have been attributed to massage, including reducing stress and aiding in relaxation, reducing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow,relaxing muscles, reducing chronic pain and improving joint range of motion.

Physical Benefit

- Relaxes the whole body- Dimjnishes chronic pain
- Loosens light muscles- Calms the nervous system
- Relieves tired and aching muscles- Assists in recovery from injuries and illness
- Increases flexibility and range of motion - Strengthens the immune system
- Reduce tension headaches

Mental Benefit

- Reduce mental stress- Promotes restful sleep
- Improves concentration- Aids in mental relaxation

We're provide: shiatsu Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage Combination with Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology.